Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ending it with a blast

Suddenly it’s Christmas and it’s amazing as the New Year approaches how this year swept by despite all the action. I’ll still have to delay that promised article about the ‘Nigerian mentality’, there’s a new menace in the air, new tension. Bangers, firecrackers, missiles…Bombs!
Some people have been playing with the wrong type of explosives this season and that’s to say that the persistent noise from the exploding fire crackers was not enough for them. I wasn’t there when it happened but it boomed out from the newspaper pages ‘BOMBS EXPLODE ON CHRISTMAS EVE IN JOS’ ‘BOMB EXPLODES AT PDP RALLY IN BAYELSA’. Very sad and strange developments, a lot of innocent Nigerians lost their lives because a few people a mixing religion and ethnicity with politics.  Things will never be the same again and suddenly I’m not so optimistic about 2011 and the forthcoming elections.
Nigerian criminals have always had a ‘seasonal’ attitude to things. Once one person starts a new criminal venture or new criminal method of doing business, the others latch onto it faster than the way small scurrying mice latch on to crayfish and it becomes the ‘in thing’ for a period of time before the next ingenious innovation surfaces. The term ‘Nigerian criminals’ used here is all encompassing- fraudsters, kidnappers, armed robbers, touts, miscreants and of course…those unruly men that constantly act like they need our votes. Nobody should quote me out of context and say that I’m pointing fingers at those unruly politicians but… everyone knows what I’m talking about.
So may criminal ‘seasons’ have passed and I remember when internet email scam was the thing, then kidnapping and militancy overtook it and it became ancient history. I know the point that bombs were introduced into the mix. It was on October 1st 2010, just outside the eagle square Abuja with heads of state and other dignitaries seated inside. Very daring act indeed by Henry ‘robin hood’ Okah and company, very daring but it really lit up flames of possibilities in the minds of some unscrupulous Nigerians. I could sense their minds ticking then. Then the sudden discovery of a shipment of arms from Iran, only God knows how many that passed through unchecked.
Just today, at work I realized from the tales of my colleagues that kidnapping has finally arrived in the south west. Boko haram is busy wreaking havoc in Borno state with no resistance. I haven’t had a wink of power in my Lagos flat for a week and surely I don’t need to read the news to know why, someone must have bombed a gas station or fuel pipeline in the Niger delta.  I’m beginning to feel that we have a weak president and surely, there’s no doubt that we’re being ruled by donkeys, donkeys that take home at least three hundred million naira per quarter while the lowest worker fighting them for an 18000 naira salary. Shame.
who ever said presidency was all about declaring and soliciting for votes? my friend. wake up, be firm and clamp down

The strange thing is that no one wants to see the truth, all we see is north and south, Christian or muslim, and this our annoying quota system that puts a cow ahead of you in the civil service just because his from…let me not say more.
sniff, sniff...wipes tears, "the north framed me...." busts into tears. but i plead guilty finally. where the heck is reddington hospital so that i can spend my jail time there?

It’s just like when the banking tsunami started and those M.D’s were sacked, people in my workplace were wailing that it was a northern agenda. I couldn’t blame them, some had huge investments in those banks but I remember the questions I asked them- didn’t this people really steal these monies? These  Monies that belonged to the ordinary poor people on the streets, small scale businesses. I don’t give a hoot about Dangote not getting a loan if the banks were indicted, I care about the food sellers, the vendors etc, the people that constitute the real economy and  who have their life saving in these institutions. If Erastus akingbola, Cecilia and co. were caught pants down in President Jonathan Goodluck’s wife’s bedroom, would they be wailing that they were being set up. Who removed there pants if not them. Punish the sin, not the stupid issues surrounding the sin. good bless lamido sanusi.
northern nigeria- 20- 'whatever'

You know, with the way things are going those wikileaks documents about Nigeria may actually come true. Nigeria may actually become so criminalized and sectionalized like Pakistan faster than they projected. We desperately need a strong ruler who can ruthlessly clamp down on these miscreants. Sadly, no ones in sight…

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  1. ... and the bombs went off in abuja, new yr's eve...sad